13 February 2013

Gardens of Tomorrow; Tomorrow for Gardens: Ten Trends That Will Affect the Evolution of Garden Tourism Over the Next 25 Years.

Richard Benfield, professor of geography, Central Connecticut State University and author of Garden Tourism.

Gardening is now the most popular outdoor activity amongst the residents of North America and Garden tourism the dominant mode of outdoor tourism activity. More people visit gardens in the United States than go to Disneyworld and Disneyland combined. However this could change: demographic trends, social and other media changes, urbanization, the nature of gardening and the nature of tourist gardens themselves will all undergo change which garden managers, nurserymen and tourism professionals must recognize, respond and adjust. Drawn from his upcoming book entitled “Garden Tourism” the author, Dr Richard Benfield will examine the current nature and status of garden tourism and suggest ten distinct paradigm shifts that will impact the way we see gardens and the way tourists will see gardens over the next 25 years.

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